Village Clerk

Office of the Village Clerk/Treasurer

Deputy Clerk Valerie Onorato 516-599-8300 Ext. 205
Deputy Treasurer Darlene DiCaro 516-599-8300 Ext. 213

The Village Clerk’s Office is responsible for many tasks and these employees gladly administer them. The services they provide are as follows:

Lynbrook Village Code – Click here for the Village Code. (Opens a new page)

Parking Applications

*There is no overnight parking on the streets of the Inc. Village of Lynbrook between the hours of 3:00 am to 5:00 am*


NOTE: PARKING IS LIMITED TO THE NUMBER OF SPACES AVAILABLE Permits are sold on a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED basis. The only spots guaranteed are the Commercial spaces.
All Commuters must provide – Copy of Registration, Proof of Employment, and a copy of your train pass (Residents must provide proof of residency).
All Employees must provide – Copy of Registration along with a letter from your employer.
All Overnight – Copy of Registration & proof of residency.

License Applications

Hunting and fishing licenses are not issued by the Village.
For more information, please visit the New York State DEC web page.
Dog Licenses are issued by the Town of Hempstead

Lynbrook Village Maps

Voter Registration


Property Tax Reminder


  • Please note that Village First-Half Taxes are due on June 1st, thru July 1st, by 4:00pm.
  • Second-half taxes are due December 1st, thru December 31st, by 4:00 PM.
  • If taxes are not paid by July 1st, (first half) or December 31st, (second-half) there will be a 5% penalty added to your taxes.
  • By Law, a United States Post Office cancellation date stamp is used as proof of the mailing date.
  • Excess Coins will only be accepted if wrapped and identified with parcel ID

About the Village Clerk’s Office

The Office of the Municipal Clerk is historical in its traditions, having served as a direct link between the people and their local governments since before Biblical times. In New York, the Office of the Clerk is one of the oldest offices in New York government with beginnings traceable to the establishment of the 13 colonies. The original role of the Clerk was to record the proceedings of the local legislative body and births and deaths, and attest to and affix the Seal on official documents. The office remained during the time that New Amsterdam became New York under British rule and after the War of Independence and the establishment of the United States of America. (History of the Municipal Clerk)

Lynbrook is the 14th largest of 553 Villages in New York State. While Village Clerks are generally credited with issuing licenses, that is only a small part of this complex job. Many duties are mandated by state and federal laws, but many more go well beyond those mandates as Village Clerks also serve as a major source of information to all.

Lynbrook is governed by a Village Board of Trustees which includes a Mayor, as the Legislative Branch of Village Government. The Administrative Branch is led by the Village Clerk as Village Administrator to implement the decisions of the Mayor  & Board and manage daily business operations. Some of the responsibilities of the Clerk’s Office are to collect taxes, maintain and administer Oaths of Offices, manage the Community Development Program, is official custodian of records and archives, obtain Grants, assure adequate Insurance and implement good risk management practices, administer proceedings of the legislative body, prepare the annual budget, issue various permits, and to make sure that all Departments are adequately serving the Public. The Clerk and his staff also respond to numerous requests for information under the Freedom of Information Law, and daily inquiries from constituents.

The Clerk, also serving as Treasurer, is an appointed position responsible for the management of all finances, which includes maintaining the Villages facilities and assets, bidding & procurement, payroll and human resources under 5 Labor Union Contracts, accounts payable, annual audits, investing idle funds and working with Bond Rating agencies who regularly examine the Villages financial strength. The Village of Lynbrook enjoys a bond rating designation of “AA+” from Standard & Poor’s, the highest rating in 50 years. The New York State Comptroller has recognized Lynbrook as not having any fiscal stress.

To maintain Lynbrook’s good financial health, for example, the Clerk aggressively pursues Grant opportunities for various infrastructure improvement projects to lessen the cost to Lynbrook taxpayers.       

As the Clerk to the Mayor and Board of Trustees, the Clerk attends all of their proceedings and also attests to all legislation desired by and affecting the Village. The Clerk is also responsible for preparing and keeping the minutes of the proceedings of the Board and is responsible for preparing and distributing Board of Trustee meeting Agendas along with their associated backup material. The Village Clerk’s office ensures that legislative actions are in compliance with all federal, state and local statues and regulations and that all actions are properly executed, recorded and archived; the Village Clerk is also the local official to administer Village elections every 2 years.

The Clerk also attests to leases and deeds of the Village property, agreements, bonds and notes, and other forms of obligations of the Village. The Clerk has charge of all papers and documents of the Village such as appointments by the Mayor, Oaths of Office of Village employees, contracts, financial reports, fixed asset inventory, long term capital plan and referendum petitions.

The staff is also responsible for the preparation, publication and posting of legal notices and maintains Proofs of all publications and postings of Notices where such notices are required to be given, including Maps adopted in connection with a zoning law or amendment, all written notices received of defects in highways and sidewalks, and Claims against the Village. The Village Clerk is also the custodian of the Seal of the Village of Lynbrook. The Seal is centered on the Village flag and contains the Dutch motto: “Een Draught Mackt Maght” which translates to “In Unity There is Strength” which was derived from the effort to incorporate the Village in 1911. The Clerk’s staff  includes the Registrar who registers all deaths and births taking place in the Village. More importantly, the Clerk’s staff promotes open government and the democratic process by preserving and maximizing public access to Village records. In 2016, Lynbrook was awarded a Grade A Report Card by the LI Press Association for being transparent in respect to providing access to public records under the Freedom of Information Law. The staff takes pride in their ability to provide equal and exceptional customer service and are mindful of the neutrality and impartiality required of their work. They strive to improve the administration of the affairs of the Village Clerk’s office consistent with a myriad of applicable laws using sound management practices.

The Office of the Village Clerk is a dynamic information hub whose services impact a diverse clientele, including the general public, the media, and other governmental entities on a daily basis. With the advance of technology, the Village Clerk has set out to modernize the Office to bring more efficiency and innovative ways to preserve records and manage its services, utilizing the latest information management tools and principles. The Clerks staff possesses a variety of skills. While their work requires a high degree of accuracy and good customer service, they maintain levity despite constant deadlines and complying with numerous State and Federal rules.

Village Administrator John Giordano

John Giordano was raised in Lynbrook and graduated from Lynbrook High School. John earned a B.S. in Business Administration at Adelphi University and went on to get his Master of Public Administration at Baruch College in New York, NY. In 1980 he began working for the Village of Lynbrook as the Deputy Village Clerk.  After four years, he transferred to the Village of Lake Success as the Village Administrator, increasing his responsibilities to include the daily management of village departments, including Police, Parks, Public Works, Justice Court, Building, Recreation, Sanitation, and the preparation of annual budgets, Board agendas and implementation of Board resolutions. He served as a Planning Committee member of the Hofstra University Business Development Center for the Nassau County Operation Downtown program and Finance Committee member for the Nassau County Village Officials Association.  He served as moderator for various municipal seminars for the New York Conference of Mayors.  As a founding board member of the Long Island Municipal Cooperative Purchasing Group, he was credited for mobilizing the coop (for the first time) to make emergency purchases for Long Island Fire Departments to replenish supplies used on 9/11. Mr. Giordano was named “Clerk of the Year” by the New York State Association of City and Village Clerks and is the recipient of numerous awards: the Nassau Citizens Budget Committee’s “Good Government Award-Capital Planning and Budget”, NY Conference of Mayors’ “Main Street Award,” and the Nassau County Village Officials Association’s “Downtown Alive and Best Practices in Village Government” award. He was also honored by the State Comptroller for authoring the statewide “Registered Municipal Clerk” certification program. With 40 years’ experience in working with municipalities, Mr. Giordano has accumulated affiliations with many prestigious organizations such as the NY Government Finance Officers Association, Nassau County Village Officials Association, NY Planning Federation and the State Comptroller’s “Local Officials Advisory Team”.  Mr. Giordano has also held office as former President of the New York State Association of City and Village Clerks and as former President of the Long Island Village Clerks and Treasurers Association.  He has also earned the “Certified Municipal Clerk “designation from the International Institute of Municipal Clerks. He further elevated his career achievements with an appointment to Farmingdale, a larger village in Nassau County, as their Clerk Treasurer where he was responsible for the daily operations and supervision of their departments and received Congressional recognition for preparing 12 consecutive no tax increase Budgets, a State record. Returning full circle to Lynbrook as a Grant Consultant, and then as Village Administrator, he used his seasoned skills to obtain the coveted “All American City“ finalist award and AA+ Bond Rating upgrade from Standard and Poor’s, the highest the Village has earned. He previously also served as a consultant to 11 other Long Island municipalities and Chambers of Commerce on downtown revitalization, grants and finance, and is credited for obtaining Lynbrook’s grant funds to improve Atlantic Avenues Business District, Sidewalk Clock, and other streetscape projects. He presently serves on the Governing Boards of the New York Cooperative Liquid Assets Securities System (NYCLASS), a public sector cooperative investing pool structured under NY law, and the NYS Public Entities Safety Group 497 which provides cost effective workers compensation premiums to municipalities through the State Insurance Fund. John’s deep roots in Lynbrook extend from his great grandparents who settled here in 1910 on Scranton Avenue with their 12 children.  He can be reached at