Lynbrook Municipal Pool

Pool Office phone – (516) 593-1491

2020 Season:

May 23 to Sept. 7, 2020
Weekends Only Until June 22, 2020

Interim Rules of The Lynbrook Village Pool

-The Lynbrook Village Pool will only be open to Inc. Village of Lynbrook Residents, School District #20 residents, and RVC Residents at this time. You will need a photo id with your matching address of registration at time of check in at the pool.
-Please note that patrons will NOT be able to bring guests.
-All patrons must be wearing a mask to enter the pool building.
-There will be a limit on how many people can enter the bathroom at one time.
-There will be 2 time slots for the pool. Between the two time slots the facility will be thoroughly cleaned.
–Timeslot #1 10:00am-2:30pm
–Timeslot #2 3:30pm-8:00pm

Preregistration Required

Preregistration and payment is required for pool timeslots on

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Daily Fees


$4/Children & Seniors

-No Refunds. Please note there is a 3.5% convenience fee applied to your cart at check out.

Family (Husband/wife children under 21) $385.00
Adult individual – $180.00
Senior (over 60 years old) $150.00
Teen (13-17) individual – $150.00
Couple (both under age 60) $290.00
Senior couple (one over age 60) $275.00
Child (3-12) $120.00

Payment Cash, Checks, or Credit Cards (2.45% Service fee for credit cards)
All checks are made payable to: Incorporated Village of Lynbrook
No refunds after pool opens.

Family (Husband/wife children under 21) $495.00
Adult individual – $210.00
Senior (over 60 years old) $190.00
Teen (13-17) individual – $190.00
Couple (both under age 60) $345.00
Senior couple (one over age 60) $330.00
Child (3-12) $150.00

Family (Husband/wife children under 21) – $820.00
Adult individual – $545.00
Senior (over 60 years old) – $490.00
Couple (both under age 60) – $760.00
Senior couple (one over age 60) – $710.00
Child (3-12) – $255.00

10% discount to Resident Lynbrook Volunteer Fire Firefighters & Veterans

Membership Cards

All Pool members will be issued a Pool photo identification card. Members are required to present their photo ID card at the gate when entering the pool. There will be a $10.00 fee for replacement of lost ID card.

Guest Policy

  • The Village reserves the right to limit the number of guests each day.  The Village also reserves the right to limit guest privileges.
  • All guests, regardless of whether they swim or not, must pay the appropriate guest fee.
  • A pool member must accompany guest at the time of entrance.  Members must stay with their guest for the duration of the visit.  Members are responsible for the behavior of their guests.
  • Guest will be admitted for $14.00 per adult and $10.00 per child/senior.
  • There will be no refunds or rain checks for guest fees.
  • The Pool Management reserves the right to limit the number of guests a member may bring to the pool at any one time.  Members wishing to have more than 6 guests admitted at one time must inform the Pool Office at least 24 hours prior to the arrival of their guests.  (All group admissions will be at the sole discretion of the Pool Manager).
  • Child Memberships (3-12) do not have guest privileges.
  • Member must be at least 16 in order to be admitted with a child.


  • An adult must always accompany children under 13  while in the pool facility
  • The Village of Lynbrook is not responsible for articles lost at the pool. Do not bring jewelry, wallets, or other items of value to the pool
  • People having skin lesions, inflamed eyes, mouth, nose, or ear discharges, or wearing any type of bandage shall not be permitted to use the pool. All swimmers should take a soap and water shower before entering the pool. This is a Nassau County Ordinance
  • Ball playing, running, pushing others into the pool, use of profanity, or any other behavior causing annoyance is prohibited
  • Only persons dressed in bathing attire without shoes will be permitted on deck. Bathers wishing to wear T-shirts into the water may do so, providing the shirt is all white
  • There is no diving permitted in any of the pools

  • Use of the water slides is restricted to individuals at least 42 inches or taller. Only one person at a time will be permitted on each water slide. Once on a slide, all individuals must enter the water feet first, with their back facing the slide. No head first sliding is permitted. Use of the slides is at your own risk
  • Chairs and tables are to be used on a first come basis. Leaving clothes or towels on them may not reserve unoccupied chairs and tables. One member may not reserve chairs or tables for another member of guest
  • Use of personal umbrellas, shade attachments, or chairs is strictly prohibited.
  • Use of swimming or diving gadgets such as masks, snorkels, flippers or floatation devices is not permitted. Eyeglasses worn in the pool must be secured with a safety strap.
  • The wading pool is designed for children 6 years of age and under. Parents or guardians are responsible for supervision of their children using these facilities
  • Park only in designated parking areas. Cars parked illegally, on in handicapped spaces without handicap stickers will be ticketed

  • Baby carriages and strollers are permitted in designated areas only
  • Changing of baby diapers is only permitted in designated changing areas, which are in men’s and women’s locker rooms
  • We all always share a mutual concern that healthy pool water be maintained . In order to help us maintain our excellent water quality, children who wear diapers must wear plastic pants or “Swimmies” under a bathing suit in the pool. There are no exceptions to this rule!
  • As per Board of Health regulations, use of food, drink, or gum is not permitted on the pool deck. Eating and drinking is only permitted in the food court.
  • The Recreation Commission has designated the entire pool complex as a smoke free zone. Therefore, smoking is not permitted anywhere inside the pool area
  • The use of radios is prohibited. Only “Ipod/MP3”s with earphones will be permitted.
  • Pool Attendants, Lifeguards, Supervisors and Managers are required to enforce all regulations
  • Please cooperate with them
  • Season passes may be suspended or revoked, subject to the review of the Pool Commission at any time for failure to comply with all the rules as specified for the administration of the pool facilities
  • Members who misplace or forget to bring their membership card to the pool, will be allowed three “forgot” entries to the pool. After three “forgot” entries, the original card must be presented, or a new card must be purchased at the pool office. There will be $10.00 charge to replace a lost card
  • These rules are designed for the safety, comfort, and convenience of all our members, and will be amended or supplemented during the season as many be necessary by the Pool Management
  • Note:  Pool Management procedures relative to implemented administration and enforcement of Pool Policies and Rules are available for inspection at the office of the Director of Recreation during normal business hours