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Greis Park

55 Wilbur St.

Lynbrook, N.Y.




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Office Hours: 9 am to 5 pm Monday-Friday     |    Visit our Recreation Calendar page for our Recreation & Activities Schedule

The Recreation Department provides programs for all ages from Pre-School to Senior Citizens.  The department also coordinates the use of the facilities for all private athletic groups such as Lynbrook Little League, Lynbrook-East Rockaway Soccer, Lynbrook Titans Lacrosse, Lynbrook Flag Football, Lynbrook Roller Hockey, Girls Softball, and Adult Softball.  The department also coordinates Senior Citizen Programs. 


You may apply for permits for use of the Recreation Buildings, Fields, or Picnic Grounds, subject to the rules outlined on the respective pages, in person at the Recreation Office.


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Contacts for Sports Organizations

  • Lynbrook Little League Hotline -516-887-2626

  • Lynbook Lacrosse  -  (Steve LoCicero)516-599-0774

  • Lynbrook Roller Hockey - 516-766-5500  

  • Lynbrook/E. Rockway Soccer Club - 516-593-0118

  • Lynbrook Titans Wrestling - 516-887-0677 ext. 303

  • Lynbrook Titans Football - 516-670-5519 




Recreation Commission


The members of the Lynbrook Recreation Commission are appointed by the Mayor and Board of Trustees to a seven year term.  There are seven residents of the Village who meet monthly to discuss and set policy for all Recreation Department issues.  These people are volunteers.  The Commission is structured so that every year one of the members term expires. Any decision made by the Commission requires final approval from the Mayor and Board of Trustees.

Current Commission Members


Liz Ligouri - Chairperson

Frank Umowski

Rich Duignan

Lou Miccio

Al Risorto

Kathy Carter

Rich Renz

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