Lynbrook has it's own Government TV Station, LYN-TV which can be seen on the Cablevision Cable System on Channel 20. and the Verizon-FIOS Cable System on channels 33 and 34. Village board meetings are televised live and rebroadcast during the following weekends.

During the day LYN-TV broadcasts important updates and contact information as well as advisories and reports.

The executive producer in charge of LYN-TV is the Village Commissioner of Communications Michael Shindler. You can send us information to be posted on the LYN-TV Bulletin Board by clicking on the E-Mail link below.

Hosted by Mayor William Hendrick with special guest Town of Hempstead Supervisor Anthony Santino.
Recorded September 23, 2016. 
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 Scheduled To Air 

“Easter Celebration 2017”

First Airs 5:30 PM

Programs for Friday, May 26th

through Monday afternoon, June 2nd


Programs repeat every 2.5  hours.

“Historical Society Annual Dinner 2017”

First Airs 6:50 PM

“Military Medals and Their Meanings”

First Airs 6:50 PM

On Monday, “Burial at Calverton”

Will air every 2.5 hours starting at 1:50am, ahead of “

Military Medals and Their Meanings”


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